It is a question we often get asked and find that many people do not understand the various ways to restore teak and which one they should use.

There are essentially two ways to go about cleaning teak. The easy way & the more labour intensive way.

The easy way is giving your teak a simple clean. This involves a product called Teak Cleaner. What it does is essentially remove dirt, algae & mould and can bring back some of the orginal teak colour. Teak cleaner does a very good job at this but sometimes some areas may need a second or third attempt to achieve desired results.

*ADVISORY - teak cleaner is ineffective if you have stained your teak with laquer or teak oil. Your only solution in this situation would be to sand the table down and it may still leave you with undesired results. We do not recommond any of our customers to use such products.

Option 1: Simple Cleaning

To clean your teak with Teak Cleaner follow these easy steps.

Step 1

Wash you teak down with water. Make sure that all your teak is covered and not dry anywhere.

Step 2

Apply the Teak Cleaner with a cloth or a paint brush.

Step 3 

Let the Teak Cleaner work on the wood for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 4

Wash the Teak Cleaner off with water.

 It may be helpful to repeat step 1 to 4 to further clean your teak and remove stubborn stains.


Option 2: Intensive Cleaning

Now the more aggressive approach requires more tools and can takes some time to complete depending on the size of your teak furniture.

The first step is to use the Teak Cleaner and clean the teak (see instructions above).

After you have cleaned your teak furniture please let it dry for a day before moving onto the next steps.


You will need:

Sand paper 80 & 150 grit

Sanding Machine with dust collector (recommonded)

Dust mask


Teak Cleaner can be bought at our Store.